It looks like April is still too early this year for a hike up Myra Canyon.  Today I completed the KLO Creek + Angel Springs loop but it wasn’t a walk in the park.

Go here for more info about the trail:

KLO Creek Trail – A trail frequented by locals with a few surprises

The river is wide and flowing strong this time of year which made the crossings more complicated.  Most of last year’s bridges were washed away but there were enough fallen trees to avoid a full on ford.

April feeling pretty wintery

There were a few out on the KLO Creek portion of the trail and all though full of snow, it was firmly packed up to the junction towards Angel Springs.  I couldn’t see the trail heading further up the canyon past this junction – it was too overgrown.

Junction to Angel Springs trail from KLO Creek trail

I was the first in a long time along the connector from KLO Creek to Angel Springs.  Sinking up to knee-high snow was a common occurrence.

Angel Springs in April

I didn’t spend a great deal of time at Angel Springs, because it isn’t of much interest.  Only after the hike did I remember that it has some geothermal properties.  It would have been a good time of year to test the water temperature but I forgot.

Old flume passing between June Springs to KLO Creek trail

It was a little difficult to find a trail to loop back from the Angel Springs trailhead to the KLO Creek trail.  Hidden among the private properties and do not trespass signs, there are a few trails hidden in the forest between June Springs Road.

June Springs to KLO Creek connector trail