Today we noticed that google had a new icon on the map for McKinley Mountain park. Intriguing. But there was no other information how to access the mountain or any trip reports. We grabbed the kids and some friends to go check it out. After near circling the mountain without finding access we pulled over the vehicles and headed up the hill.

McKinley Beach – a new community for the wealthy to build properties

Later we found out that we were hiking up the backside of the mountain. This was a mostly disappointing experience as the wilderness is slowly begin taken over by construction of more premier housing for the wealthy.  After reaching the summit, we found that we had been hiking up the wrong side of the mountain. From the top down another route there is a walking path that switchbacks down the mountain.

Hike down McKinley Mountain
Official trail sign which would have been helpful to find at the start

At the bottom we found the real trailhead and a sign detailing what we just found. The real trailhead is on Shayler Place but there are no signs directing visitors toward it.

For the full details on how to do the hike go here:

McKinley Mountain – Bring the Kids