For years I have wanted to see if I could find the entrance to Blue Hawk Mine. Today I just went for it. I drove the car as far as I could and then walked/ran the rest of the way. I had heard about a cabin on the main trail which I did find but the roof has (recently?) caved in.

It wasn’t hard to find the entrance. I was almost shocked at how easy it was to find and that it was just off of a main ATV trail. Unless you knew where to turn, it would be VERY easy to dirtbike/ATV right on by.

Caved in cabin along the main trail to the mine

After finding the entrance and patting myself on the back, I soon found out that I hadn’t thought through what to do next. I needed rubber boots and a flashlight, both of which I didn’t think of bringing. You would think flashlight would have crossed the mind before heading out to do some caving but I was so fixed on finding the entrance I didn’t think of anything else.

I went in a little, and contemplated getting wet and exploring via iPhone light but decided that I was way too chicken to go in. I need to come back with better equipment and a friend. The type of friend that dares you to do something dumb would be appropriate.

The creepy looking entrance to Blue Hawk Mine

For more info on how to find the mine, go here:

Bluehawk Mine – Mysterious hole abandoned in the hills