Victory pose at the point
Confluence stake
Searching for the exact point
Snow angels near the confluence

This adventure was actually pretty spontaneous. Christie wanted to do some jogging and get some exercise and I (Steve) wanted to conquer a confluence point (CP). We came to a compromise and decided to jog to a CP. Of course we didn't have much time so we picked the closest point to Regina which I hadn't been to before (but someone else had previously visited it). The point is less than a km off a main road so we had to make it a little more challenging. This may be the first time anyone has made a CP more difficult. Anyway, we parked the car further away to allow for more exercise and difficulty.

The best part of the approach to the CP was this farm dog (later found his name was George) who started to follow us. George had a ton of energy and kept bringing us big rocks to play fetch with. He was so excited by all the attention that he couldn't hold his bowels and bladder. We must have been laughing too hard with the George or something because apparently the farmer got insanely jealous and drove down the road to pick up George in his car. It was too bad because we wanted to get George in the CP picture. It would have been Steve, Christie, and George – the fearsome 3. And George would have got his own page on the confluence website. I better stop rubbing it in now, recognizing the instability of George's emotional state at such an unfortunate turn of events. So back to the approach – the CP was easily located, found and was conquered with little resistance. I made Christie drive on the way home because I got annoyed with her lack of enthusiasm for the extensive GPS features and pretty maps. Fortunately Christie caught the CP conquering bug and promised another adventurous excursion (preferably more treacherous).

Difficulty: 2 (fields close to road, difficulty must be self induced by the CP conqueror)
Enjoyment: 6 (good snow leaping, nice weather, George)

I probably would not recommend venturing to this point unless you (a) want an unchallenging experience or (b) have too much time on your hands.

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