Confluence point conqueres
GPS verifying the success
Playing a ghost-farm piano
Amie investigating a ghost-farm sink
Burnt bathroom sinkAmie making friends with the freeze-dried cat

Confluence hunting wasn't the primary objective on this beautiful spring day. Today Amie and I (steve) were devoted to exploring abandoned farms and towns. Amie got some crazy leads about some abandoned real estate around this CP and I wasn't going to tell until later that I also had confluence on my mind. Be assured, pillaging and vandalizing abandoned farms is definitely high on my list as well. There are definitely more popping up every day in rural Saskatchewan. Did I say pillaging? I mean photographing, ya…

Anyway, the best ghostfarm that we found was west of Outlook. It looked like it had been abandoned for 10-20 years at least. On the farm there was a little two story house and a bunch of sheds and barns. Everything was deteriorated and someone had already scampered off with most of the booty. There was still one very significant item that was preserved to our delight. On the deck of the house there laid a freeze-dried cat!! It had been there for some time and was complete with skin and tail. See the picture on the left…. Oh right, this is supposed to be about confluence. Sorry for the tangent but confluencing and ghostfarming need to be linked together in Saskatchewan. After realizing that 90% of the accessible points lie in the middle of flat fields there needs something a little spicy to complement every CP adventure.

As you can see in the photo, this confluence does in fact lie in the middle of a farmer's field (surprise). No one really cared today that we were tromping through the fields, so there wasn't too much excitement (a little exercise though!). After some pictures and stubble gymnastics, the point was conquered. Much to our dismay, the point had previously been visited by our Sask. arch rivals (Fox's/Max/MacDuff). Maybe this summer I'll be able to venture an uncharted point and actually further the confluence project. Until then, stay tuned for more adventures and scattered drivel!

Difficulty: 1 (open field, easy access)
Enjoyment: 8 (nice day, good company, near ghostfarms).

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