Quad mud racing - a common rural activity?
Siblings in the field
Steve beside a leaf-cutter bee house
Art project in Marysburg

After nearly a month in the Boldt, we’ve discovered it’s the epitome of all things rural: Canola. Cows. Grain elevators. And…Beer.

Somehow fermented barley manifests itself on any occasion…Rodeos, Golf Tournaments, Mud Bogs, History Book Launches, and the visit of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. Yes, reps from Beijing came all the way to Humboldt to investigate different types of farms – everything from turkey to bison to meat packing to berries – as part of their three-month intensive English program in Saskatoon. Interesting to say the least. Especially when a local 3rd generation German berry farmer, clad in Liederhosen, serenaded us with the accordion. Finding a church is another adventure! We’re not sure what it is about Humboldt, but churches have a hard time making a go of it in this little town. One church had, oh, around 30 people there. But halfway through the service, the music leader asked the congregation to welcome his five brothers and their families who were all visiting for a family reunion. Church total minus visiting families? Approx. 5.


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