Amie and Steve Representing Canadian Crossroads International at a Calgary NGO Fair
What the!
Out for a walk around Ghost Lake
Steve on Ghost Lake
With the Campbells at Elbow Falls Amie on one of the Ghost Lakes in Banff National Park. Where's the water?

Amie and I have had a great first year of marriage. They always say the first year is the hardest. We didn't really notice that but if it gets better from here, giddy up! It seems like the year went pretty fast but it sure was packed. We had a great wedding followed by a fantastic honeymoon in the Cook Islands and New Zealand. We had a blast in small town Humboldt Saskatchewan last summer and then we were of for 5 months in Suriname. That had it's ups and downs but it led us eventually to Calgary which has been a great time of refreshing.

For our anniversary, I (steve) took Amie to the Calgary tower for supper. I have kind of marveled at it since we moved to Calgary and I am glad we finally got to go up. Can't say the next time will be anytime soon (expensive!) but it sure was great. While eating the restaurant rotates once every hour so you get a good panorama of the sprawling city. There is also a lookout area with a glass floor. That makes for a great view and a rush when looking at the cars below your feet (and the 600 foot drop!)

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