Rice farmers in Kampong Cham province cut rice by hand.
Dave far left, and Marcus right set up a shot with a crane at a lively market in Takeo.
Amie gathering a story from a young girl who just received a shoe box gift through Operation Christmas Child
Steve. Boom mike operator extraordinaire.
Steve thrashing rice with a local farmer - all this on location with the video crew.Women thrashing rice by foot in Kampong Cham province.

Iƒ??ve been doing some part time writing/photography/video production/research for Samaritanƒ??s Purse Australia while weƒ??ve been in Cambodia and itƒ??s been a blast.

Over the past few months, itƒ??s been an honor to get out into the provinces ƒ?? often once a week, to meet people whoƒ??ve been impacted by SP projects in Cambodia, and the remarkable people who are working for SP all over the country. 80 percent of Cambodians live in rural areasƒ?Ýso Iƒ??ve gotten a sense of how the majority of the country lives.

Iƒ??ve experienced a bit of everything and have witnessed regular peopleƒ??s lives changed by water filters, wells, schools, churches, and agricultural training.

The first week of December everything came to a climax as two videographers from Australia came to collect footage for a promotional video. Iƒ??d done all the research for the video, and now it was time to kick into full gear.

We visited five provinces in 7 days, interviewed countless villagers, saw incredible sights and saw the impact of SP projects in many, many communities. Steve even came along one day to help out with all the camera gear and acted as the boom mike operator! It was a busy week, but well worth the effort.

The New Year is looking good too! Iƒ??ll be continuing this part time work with SP covering a variety of stories throughout the country.


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