Dust after only sweeping our room!!!
Pushing out a large bird nest.

After a 6 week stint in Bangkok waiting for Aya’s birth then waiting for her paper work to come through, we returned to our house which lay abandoned but sealed. By sealed I mean windows and doors all shut and locked. But does this matter?

House maintenance is a:

-race against wood lice who want to eat all the rattan furniture (leaving piles of wood dust)

-race against the wind that wafts the stinky lagoon in through the windows

-race against the dust which coats the floors layer upon layer (refer to comment about sealed house and picture.

-race against termites who start to eat wood structures

-race against birds who decided to make nests in the windows and destroy the mosquito nets

-race against geckos who are cute to watch but then strategically deposit their poop pellets around the house

-race against the ants who somehow scout for every speck of sweet morsel and send out the troops in army squadrons

-race against the neighbor’s ugly hungry cat who wonders into the house wanting a feed

-race against cockroaches who spontaneously appear under garbage cans and in dark corners.

-race against spider webs that cover the walls and ceiling

-race against mosquitos that somehow find their way in through screened windows

-race against the rats who somehow poop in the same area on the balcony every day and occasionly die and rot there as well

And we are apparently in the city!!!


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