Clear for takeoff
Riding around the mountain 50km
Amie in the underground complex
The real cave entrance found at last
In the control tower overlooking the airstripPotential entrance to the underground facility?Exploring the secret underground complexAime sitting on the runwayWaiting for the boat to leave to Kamong Leaeng

Hours of preparation and research culminated in this weekend's adventures by bicycle. We threw our bikes on a local van and headed up to Kampong Chnnang to investigate a couple places.

The first day we headed out to a huge (2.5km long) abandoned airstrip in the middle of nowhere. It was built by slave labour during the war and abandoned after the Vietnamese liberated Cambodia in '79. After a pleasant exchange with guards who apparently still watch over the airstrip, we were granted access to test our top speeds on the strip (45kph for me). Other activities included sneaking by a sleeping guard to get up into some sort of control tower with a nice view of the area.

The main reason for coming out here was from a tipoff that there exists some underground tunnel networks and hidden complexes that were built as part of the airstrip project. After searching a nearby mountain through an unusual abandoned village and quarry we were met with disappointment as various 'tunnel entrances' were actually just creepy huge storage tanks hidden in the forest.

Then we were riding around the area and happened to sit down at the correct noodle restaurant. We befriended the owner and he showed us the real entrance which happened to be coincidentally, only a km or 2 from his place. And what a find! Seriously, the creepiest underground complex i've ever explored. Enough to start an urban explorer Cambodia chapter for sure.

The next day was more of a ride in the countryside as we cycled a little known path around a mountain in Kampong Leaeng (across the river from Kampong Chnnang). An even less known path led us from this mountain loop into the forest where we enjoyed going 1km/h through sand but it ended up being the most fun of the day.


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