Our little adventure clan

We’re Steve and Amie Gosselin and we really love adventuring – nearby and far away.

Whether it’s in our DNA or the environment in which we grew up, we know that we have a strong desire to see and explore the world.

Together, we’ve lived in four countries on three continents and travelled to 60+ countries. Each of our three daughters was born in a different country and has the birth certificate to prove it! (You can ask us how to procure a Cambodian birth certificate another time).

This corner of the interweb started way back in 2005 before we got married as a way of documenting our adventures. These days, we hope that the stories we share and the things we’ve learned along the way can help other people and families on their own adventures.

Because life is adventure. All of it. Or at least, it can be if we allow it.

This blog is designed to share our passionate love for adventure, the outdoors, and including our kids in these experiences. We would love to expand the community of families the world over who make travel a part of their lives.

It’s been good for us, that’s for sure!