Magic at Halfway Hot Springs

What could possibly be better than a dip in hot springs surrounded by British Columbia’s lush beauty? Why, undeveloped and secluded off-the-beaten-path hot springs, of course. We discovered adventure and magic at Halfway Hot Springs near Nakusp, BC.

Half the challenge is getting there and it’s all part of the experience. It’s a long and arduous 11km drive on a bumpy and potholed forestry service road. But once you get there, it’s worth the effort.

This secluded slice of paradise is maintained by Recreation Sites and Trails BC and has natural hot pools of varying temperatures that are tastefully surrounded by rock, with rocky and sandy bottoms. The minimal development and the hot springs being so far off the beaten path, make it a truly magical experience.

There’s a day-use parking area with ample room for vehicles. For anyone interested in staying the night, there is also a basic campground on site.

From the parking lot, the trail to the hot springs heads down a steep pathway. Some of the steepest sections have stairs and railings. After meandering through the steep, wooded forest, you arrive at the valley floor where there are pit toilets, a wooden platform to keep personal items dry, and a network of pools varying in temperature. Poison Ivy was growing wild and rampant. This is less magical, so do pay attention!

If you keep following the pathway, you’ll find another pool adjacent to the river.


Getting There And Away

From Nakusp drive approximately 26km north on Highway 23. Keep watch for a forestry service road on your right just before the bridge that crosses the Halfway River. This is where you turn. The road is bumpy and potholed, as you’d expect for a FSR. Follow this road for roughly 11.5km until you see a fork in the road. Head left if you plan on camping at the newly developed campsite. Otherwise, keep going straight to day use parking.

It’s a long stretch on the bumpy road, but worth it! Even small cars can manage the road as long as you go slowly. Our Honda Fit took us safely there and back with no mishaps.