A hiking trail west of Vernon overlooking the north end of Okanagan lake.

**Note when last verified in May 2020, there was a sign by the trailhead that said the trail was only open to local residents (early covid related?). The sign didn’t seem to be deterring anyone.

Directions to Trailhead:

Take 30th Ave (turns into Bella Vista Rd) west out of Vernon. Turn right at the T intersection with Tronson Rd and continue along the lake. Turn right on Tavistock Rd and head up the hill to a sharp u-bend where there is an obvious trailhead.

Hiking the Trail:

About a kilometer into the trail the route gets a bit confusing. There are some crisscrossing ATV trails and no signage indicating which to follow. The summit is essentially strait uphill from the trailhead so always choosing something upward is a good rule of thumb. At the confusing area, the real trail turns right (east) until a lookout before heading upward to the summit. It is also possible to take a number of other trails to make a loop. The entire area is lightly forested so it is easy enough to not get lost.

The summit provides excellent views in all directions. Adventure bay and Okanagan lake of course but also Terrace Mountain, Vernon, OK Landing, Sparkling Hills Resort, Preditor Ridge, and the Sugarloaf.

Adventure Bay Trail Map
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Vernon to Trailhead: 20 mins
Trail Return time: 2-3 hours
Elevation gain: approximately 225m up
GPS: Helpful but not absolutely necessary
Easy to Stay on trail: Usually

GPS Download: GPX | KML

Overlooking Adventure Bay
At the summit