Amie enjoying some nice bribes
Distant letters in the snow

Amie and I are finally engaged! Since she is going out to Egypt at Christmas (only time this year) to visit her parents, it was highly probable that this was going to happen sometime in December (but most people didn’t see it coming). Let me answer the big three questions that everyone asks us: when is the big day?, who helped Steve (apparently incapable) with that ring?, how did it happen?.

Ok the big day is going to be this coming summer. I think next weekend sounds good but I’ll let Amie take over those kinds of arrangements. No one helped me at all with any engagement arrangements including ring shopping because I am highly educated (now) in those areas 🙂

I am only going to give the extremely short version of the engagement story because you have to ask me yourself to get the details. Here’s the gist of it: I took Amie out of the city a fair distance where I was sure there would be no one around. We went for a nice walk in the hills and then Amie noticed the big letters on the side of the hill that I had carved out of the snow beforehand. Nearby there was a path of flowers and candles. After some bribing with chocolate and tea she agreed to marry me!

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