Te Paki sand dunes near the northern tip of NZ
Kiwi Amie
Served up hot from hell
Giant Kiwi!
Giant Zorb in actionKerosene CreekTake that giant birds!  emu

Hey all,

We're sitting a few blocks from Hell right now. We're both pretty excited to try this restaurant's (with a rather risqué name) pizzas.

It's been a wild few days here since we got into NZ…

We rented a campervan in Auckland and drove it up to the end of the world…or what the kiwis call the end of the world…the northernmost tip of New Zealand. That was after learning to drive on the left side of the road, figuring out what in the world to do on roundabouts and deciphering road signs. Thank goodness the clutch is in the right spot or we'd have gone off a cliff by now!

Before we got up to the point and the lighthouse, we saw gloworms in a huge limestone cave, saw NZ's first capital and the "hell hole of the pacific" – a town that used to be rowdy with prostitutes and whalers and didn't quiet down until the Maori and the Brits had a huge war there.

It's beautiful here. Windy, curvy roads unlike anything we've ever seen. And lots of sheep. An awful lot of sheep. And the craziest accents ever! Fush and Chups is our favorite variation of the English language.

We've definitely covered a lot of territory with that van! And we're getting pretty good at creating gourmet meals on the tiny cookstove.

We started off today at a giant Kiwi.

They're really proud of all three kiwis here: the person, the bird and the fruit. And anything that has to do with any of three is drastically overpriced. The giant kiwi…at least a picture in front of it was free. Words cannot explain. It was just a huge, fake, half of a kiwi fruti. It was fun.

Zorbing. It's hard to explain this one…but definitely explains the kiwi (the person this time) and their love for all things random and wild. Zorbing is basically the following: put on clothes you don't mind getting wet. Do a nose dive into a huge, airfilled, rubber ball (that's the zorb) then get warm water poored all over you, then roll down a hill for about 2 minutes. We didn't zorb ourselves (another one of those pricey kiwi things

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