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I think one of the greatest highlights came towards the end of our trip. I just remember looking for a prime parking spot on an unlight road outside of Christchurch (kind of near the race track). We found one almost immediately.

I heard Steve say…"Cool!!! A dead possum!!!" as he kind of lurched the van forward. The next thing we knew, we were stuck 8 inches deep in mud and grass and two of the wheels were almost entirely consumed by wet road. We spent the next two hours trying to dig ourselves out.

We used everything we could thing of…towels and sheets from the van shoved under the wheels, jacking up each wheel and putting rocks, sticks, dirt and grass to build it up further, we even used our cutting board under the jack so it would sink in the mud too. About 10 minutes later though we heard a rumbling crack and saw that the cutting board had split in two. Sorry EZY rentals.

We were getting pretty tired, really hungry and a little depressed from our situation when a jeep drove down the road a man proceeded to let his dogs out for a walk. STeve talked to the guy and the friendly kiwi was more than ready to tow us out of our rut. Two minutes later we were picking up broken pieces of cutting board, various pieces of carjack, and bits of towel that had gotten stuck under the wheels, and on our way to a more solid camping spot.

Only the next morning did we take pictures.


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