Angel Springs trail is a pleasant walk on the slopes below the KVR trail in Myra Canyon. Normally it wouldn’t be helpful in noting there are a handful of interpretive signs lining the trail but there isn’t much else to say about it. The destination, Angel Springs, is a completely ordinary looking stream – apparently thermal heated but otherwise uninteresting. There are a few spots with a view up to the hills above the canyon but mostly it’s a bit of a slog through forest. This could be the reason that some choose to bike the trail.

Rather than double back to the start, this trail can be combined with a portion of the KLO Creek trail to make a loop. This does increase the length to a half day adventure but it is an overall much better experience. See below for loop details.

Angel Springs trail in early April

Directions To Trailhead:

Turn onto June Springs Road from McCulloch Rd in south Kelowna. After 6km the road will switch to gravel and after another kilometre there will be clear signs showing the Angel Springs parking lot.

A peek up and out of the canyon

Angel Springs + KLO Creek Loop

The trailhead for the KLO Creek is at the sharp turn on McCulloch Rd in the canyon not far past Gallagher’s Canyon Golf & Country Club (just past both turns to the KVR trestles). Follow the creek into the forest as it meanders up into the hills. Follow the trail for 4km and there will be signs indicating a river-crossing towards Angel Springs. Here the terrain inclines quite a bit before finally meeting with the end of the Angel Springs trail. Follow Angel Springs trail to the beginning at June Springs Rd. From here to get back to the KLO Creek trailhead there are few options. If you walk down June Springs Rd 3km there are some paths that cut over to the KLO Creek trail. If you can’t find these then walk a bit further to where there are large transmission lines crossing the road. Turn right and follow the path under the transmission lines which eventually joins KLO Creek trail not far from the trailhead.

The anticlimax finale – learning the history helps a bit

Distance from downtown Kelowna to Trailhead: 30 minutes
Walking time: 2-3 hours round trip, 4-6 hours when combined with KLO Creek Trail
Trail Length: 3.6km (one way), 17km loop when combined with KLO Creek Trail
Elevation gain: 70m (460m if combined with KLO Creek trail)
GPS: Not necessary unless combined with KLO Creek Trail
Easy to Keep on Trail: yes, very well trodden and marked

GPS Download: GPX | KML