Well, it’s finally here!! (it took me forever to find the ‘ on this Spanish keyboard!!). Kevin and I met up in Dallas and had a three hour layover which was great – we had a million things to talk about! And a few hours later, we are finally here in Buenos Aires (Argentina Capital). We are having the greatest time. The culture is great here. It is like nothing I have ever seen. If I had to describe it in a sentence, I would say that it is a bunch of white people who look like they should be speaking English but don’t speak a word, thrown in a big city with “Asian” rules and European architecture. We are loving it here cause there is psycho driving, street food, and lots of potential for adventure. The only downside is that things are kind of expensive so we may end up camping a lot. The weather is not too bad. It gets down to about 5 degrees at night but it will only get warmer from here on as we head north. Today we explored the city for 14 hours straight, applied for Brazil visas (major hastling,Another Adventure Starts)

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