*Warning — Summer 2021 – several who have recently tried to access Ashton Creek Natural Waterslides found the trail blocked off and No Trespassing signage.  Private land owners in the area are fed up with irresponsible people making a mess and causing a disturbance.  It is recommended to not try accessing the waterslides at this time.

When we heard about the Ashton Creek (Enderby) natural waterslides 10 minutes east of Enderby, BC, we went for a fun, totally off-the-beaten-path adventure. It was a few years back that we were first acquainted with these mysterious, magical natural waterslides and it took us until this summer to find the gumption to finally go!

Ashton Creek - Enderby Natural Waterslides
Ashton Creek (Enderby) Waterslides

Getting To Ashton Creek (Enderby) Natural Waterslides 

Head out of Enderby east along the Enderby Mabel Lake Road until you hit Ashton Creek. Just past the Tempo gas station, you’ll veer left onto Rands Road, passing in front of Ashton Creek Christian Fellowship church. Follow Rands Road until you see the intersection with Olich Road and hang a right. The day we went, there were at least half a dozen cars parked along the street, so you know you’re in the right place.

It’s a dead end road, and the trail begins where the road stops. Follow the path for five minutes or so, and voila! You’ll be at the natural waterslides.

Heading with Kids? What You Need to Know

  • It’s more of an older kid experience. Our 7-year-old couldn’t get enough while our 5-year-old was done after one run down the small slide. Our 3-year-old stuck to dry land and poked rocks with sticks the whole time.
  • The trail to the natural waterslides can easily be walked in flip flops or sandals. It’s a straightforward and mostly flat walk. To make it a more comfortable experience when actually exploring the falls, bring along your Keens or sports sandals, or your water shoes. We didn’t bring ours and wished we had.
  • Water coming down the slides is really cold!
  • We brought our kids’ lifejackets and were glad we did.
  • Our kids stuck to the bottom slide only. The potential for knocking heads and possible concussions increases the higher up the falls you go.
  • On a hot day, expect to share the experience with dozens of other people, including many a folk keen on having a wee party at the slides.
Ashton Creek (Enderby) Natural Waterslides
Our oldest daughter, aged 7, steps down onto the natural waterslide. She couldn’t get enough of it.

Hiking on Private Property?

To be honest, we’re still not sure. There is almost no information to be found on the web, and we were given directions by a friend who visited a couple of years back.

This is what we DO know:

  • There are ‘No Trespassing’ and “Private Property” signs on the fence where the trail starts, but the trail swings around the side and follows the fence, without going onto that particular property.
  • While the trail snakes its way along through forest and is never barricaded or blocked itself, there are No Trespassing and Private Property signs on trees on both the left and right of the trail.

We don’t know if the natural waterslides are on private or public land. It’s just not clear. The trail could meander between two property lines, but we aren’t sure.

So…go at your own risk.