Flying Ayas
Aya + dad
Chubbiest legs ever
This is a regular occurance to be sure
Wiggly AyaAya's nice smileSteve Chee + AyaAya's big mouthThe Aya danceAya stareAya + AmieAya chillin' in the car seatAya checking out the bunker near Kg. Cham airstripAya + Cham friendAya relaxing at the lunch tableAya screamSteve + Aya in the hammockAya's had about enough adventuring for one dayAya en route to MondolkiriAya and her cute hat from Kratie market

Aya's first lengthy road trip to eastern Cambodia went pretty well. She adapted well to car seat entertainment and sleeping in a different location most nights. Aya was a pleasure at every stop to local people, most of whom had never seen a white baby (only on TV some said).


It's been pretty fun introducing Aya to all of our favourite things. Like hiking and cycling and adventuring. We're lucky we've got a little girl who (thus far anyway) is captivated by new experiences and likes being active (even though it's mostly flailing arms and legs at this stage!) There were a few meltdowns and a few stressful moments with an overtired baby, but overall, our first major trip in Cambodia was a great success.


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