Little skinny-dipper
Aya flying high near the Kampot city delta
Cool girls in the pool
Hanging out on the cliffs of Bokor National Park
Always joking and blowing raspberriesCedar takes Aya on a ride dateAya rolling aroundLittle pirateLearning to eat is an absolute mess!Aya in her matchy-matchy Cambodian wearSuper happy on the beachLittle Halloween pumpkinDining high at Le Moon BarMaster of the Jolly JumperFinding some beauty in the Bokor ruinsFlying is awesomeSad AyaGrow some hair already!Aya clocking serious time on the frisbee fieldAmie + Aya near phnom dong in Kampot

Really? We have a 7-month old?

It seems like just yesterday that I was enormously pregnant, eagerly anticipating her arrival. And all at the same time, it feels like Aya's been with us forever. The moments are few and far between where we really think about what life was like with just the two of us – it's almost like it never was.

These days, our lives are joyously full. Full of baby giggles. And Aya's big smiles. Full of cheers when she puts one leg in front of the other, and then again, and again, beginning to coordinate her limbs to crawl. (We will stop the cheering I'm sure as she becomes more mobile – she is already getting into everthing and it will only get worse from here). They are full of mashed banana and rice cereal and pulverized root vegetables. And piercing wails and cheery babbles as she begins to communicate with us more variedly.

We are blessed parents indeed, trying to soak up every moment, because as the past 7 months have taught us, time flies!


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