The whole crew - christine, ed, amie, steve, dominic, aimee, jocelyn, amanda, dan, charles, rebecca
'Intellectual birthday candle'. Not only does the lotus flower burst open with lit candles, the contraption also sings.
hairy shirt and losers always lose, always
Dan + Amanda sporting some choice pics from BKK market
America isn't big enough for this leaderTranslator needed!

Steve and Daniel happen to have been born just two weeks apart. In honor of both turning the big 2-8, we hosted a joint birthday party exactly halfway between both of their real birthdays.

The ticket to get in? A Bad-English T-shirt (these are a dime a dozen in Phnom Penh, available at every market and on street corners.)

We spent the evening celebrating Steve and Daniel and the great shirts we'd all managed to snag for the occasion. No birthday celebrated in Asia is complete without homemade toaster oven cake and an "Intellectual Birthday Candle". It lives up to its name as candles burst out of the centre of a lotus flower (breaking every fire code regulation) while singing "Happy Birthday".

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