Hanging out GQ style at a restaurant at the end of the pier
Slerping contest
More slerping - this time in attempt to consume a squid head starting with one abnormally long tentacle
Chantelle and her grade 1 class of Thai students

We spent a few days in fabulous Bangkok mainly to visit my sister, Chantelle, who is working there for 8 months. Not only was the company incredible, but the food was to die for. We ate so much spicy food that I suffered from several bouts of diarrhea. It was difficult to fill time in before eating again. It was worth it though. Tom Yum soup, Panang curry, Massaman curry – I'd much rather get diarrhea than not eat them.

We took a day trip out to Bangkokƒ??s sliver of coast. Itƒ??s not the white sand beaches of the south, but it was still cool none the less. We ordered Tom Yom soup ƒ?? usually a pretty safe bet in Thailand, and got all sorts of sea creatures in soup. We were brave that day.


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