Ok, we had the best meal ever. We keep saying this but this time its true. The place was called Buffalo Grill and it was all you can eat meat and the biggest salad bar you can imagine. The best thing about it is that these garcons come to your table and bring you any kind of meat on these skewers. You can refuse if you want but we took it all in. Words cannot describe just how incredible this meal was. We were da bums eating in this posh restaurant with everything imaginable. It was so posh that they even had dental floss in the washroom! The funniest thing was that one time there was a garcon who was about to take my drink can away when there was still juice in there and I quickly grabbed his hand saying "No! I'm still drinking that!" Little did I know that he was about to refill my other drink glass. I couldn't done it myself but I was too much da bum.

That night we hooked up with my friend Juliana and she took us to our first ever football match! It was so sweet action. It wasn't one of those big league matches but we ended up watching two professional Brazilian teams. The funniest thing heading to the stadium was that there was a huge line of police checking for any guns people might have. Of course we bought the cheapest tickets but edged our way down to the front. We had good seats but we didn't sit the whole game because we found out that in Brazil everyone stands and everyone is supposed to cheer or else they may look at you funny. The crowd cheered the whole game(and even after) and it was funny hearing them yell, scream, shout, swear, sing and taunt. In the end our home team Palmeiras won 4-1 against Juventude.


We arrived early this morning in Rio de Janeiro after a chilly overnight bus ride that only took 5 hours. Upon arriving we found an interesting Hostel to stay in that was strategically packed and stacked with rooms. Anxious to get to the beach we headed off to the well known Copacabana. After hours of swimming, fighting off the waves, realizing modesty isn't Rio's strong area we were bound and determined to climb a mountain with out having to pay an outrageous price that tourist would pay.

After trying two mountains and realizing that the military had control of these we decided to go to this mountain called Sugar Loaf where you take two gondolas up to the very top. Not having lost all hope we asked around and found a path that we hoped would lead us the back way. After unexpectedly see small squirrel like monkey and trying to catch them the path ended. We bushwhacked our way up to the part which separate men from boys. The three of us scaled the steep rock face and then when it got too steep and there were no foot holds we almost were defeated, but then we met some local boys that had the same idea to climb up the back of this mountain. Luckily they were more prepared and we used their rope to aid us in our adventure. A gorgeous view is always more beautiful when you have earned it, and have saved 30 R. After enjoying the spectacular view of the city before and after sun set we headed down using the gondola for free. After stuffing ourselves with fruit shakes and food we went and cleaned up to get ready for tomorrows adventures.


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