Starting the Big Mac Yak Attack Challenge

We walked into Langmusi and were instantly hit with delight as Kevin and I experienced our first little Tibetan style village. This was probably the closest we were going to get to Tibet so we planned on enjoying it. We were also here for a sky burial. Basically whenever someone dies in the Tibetan culture, they are chopped up and offered to vultures. The best part about it – in Langmusi they supposedly let foreigners come to their funeral sessions. This could definitely not be passed up. As soon as we started talking to people it was apparent that we had just recently missed a sky burial. No worries, we just had to wait around for someone else to die. Rumor had it that someone died every 3 days or so.

To pass the time Kev and I did some sweet hiking around the town. We got some good pictures and had some great times of relaxation. All the while we kept one eye open for vultures. Every morning we would get up early to survey the sky burial site. The monks kept saying that people had just died and any morning now they would be offered up. This went on for a couple days and we finally couldn't stay any longer. We thought there may be a chance to catch one later so we hit the road. It was too bad that we missed the ritual but we did check out the nasty death site to poke through the old bones and possessions.


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