blonde mischief
Yummy Pad Thai on the notorious traveller's ghetto, Khao San Road
Reuniting over Sheesha and a Gin and Tonic
Our goal was to get to the roof of a very tall building. Mission accomplished. Reward - stunning view

bangkok may be my favourite city in the whole world. it is electric. there is an addictive energy to it that keeps me coming back for more. maybe it's the fluid connections between old and new, east and west. maybe it's the street food and delectable curries all at a ridiculously low price. or, maybe i love it so much because it was such a coming of age city for me. it was my first port of call in asia. and i travelled there all by my lonesome for a journalism internship 5 years ago. it was in Bangkok that i knew in my gut that i would never work for the mainstream press. it's where i knew that i wanted to be a voice for the voiceless and to pursue justice with writing and pictures and stories.

so of course i'm ecstatic that my sister has chosen to live there for another few months! this time around, we tried to see how much blonde mischief we could disturb and what we could do for free in this steller city!


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