Behind a waterfall in Bokor National Park
The hill station is often in the clouds. The mist flowing over the hills creates a spooky atmosphere.
The eerie ruins of Bokor Hill Station Hotel + Casino built in 1922 and eventually abandoned
The abandoned creepy church near the casino

In between my Phnom Penh meetings, I took a weekend trip to Bokor Hill Station near and stayed a couple nights in Kampot. After a grueling 4×4 up into the mountains, there are some sites to explore. First I went to a cool waterfall where one can sit behind and relax. Then I explored the ruins of Bokor Hill Station which was abandoned and destroyed (like everything else in the country) in the years leading up to the Khemer Rouge wars. A casino was built in 1922 by the French and the frame was solid enough to survive the war. Many rooms and passageways can be explored. The whole experience is made all the more creepy by the mist slowely flowing through the area. This is especially true for the nearby abandoned church.


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