So the day is finally over – but it was well worth it even though I said I would never do it again. But the price was so good ($10 CAD!!!) – so there I found my self looking down over the bridge with the bungy cord attached to my legs. I could hear Kevin counting down from 5 and it was time to fly. The instructor guy had just told me if I jumped head first in a flying motion it would hurt less and I wouldn't hit the water so hard. I don't remember a whole lot after that but it was quite the rush and I recommend it to everyone.

So after our good times in Argentina, today we finally waved goodbye with teary eyes. We weren't even going to go to Argentina for more than a week and we ended up being there over 3 weeks! So what can I say about Paraguay – the place that none of the backpackers ever come, the place where no one has really heard anything about. My first observations are that is definitely in the top 3 for dirtiest SA country.

The country also has a very militant feel. There is an officer of some type with a machine gun on most corners. Lots of people supposedly carry hand guns around too. Paraguay contains the most corrupt city in South America and it is a good place to buy stolen electronics. With all this reputation who wouldn't come here. Look on the bright side – I just bought a bag of 10 or 15 mandarin oranges for less than 50 cents Canadian.


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