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Looking down on the town of Songpan

Well, Kevin and I pull in to Zoige and we see nothing special… It was time to move on to Langmusi. As usual when we get this itch, the bus tickets are all sold out for the day. This of course was the case on this particular day. So we decided to do what we always do. Walk and pray. Just get on that main route and pray that someone will pick us up. This time we didn't have to wait for 20 mins before a tourist bus stops and asks if we are lost. We begged them to take us to blabla.. Of course this was a private bus (you know, everyone with the same little Asian tourist hats). I don't know if it was our charm or are choppy facial hair but they let us on (FOR FREE!!!) and took us all the way to Langmusi. Of course the bus broke down for three hours along the way. It wasn't too much of a surprise. We had been traveling and living in China long enough to know that rarely anything goes according to plan.


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