BX Falls (in low-flow season)

BX Falls trail is a pleasant walk along a river but don’t expect a complete ‘walk in the park’. The trail goes up and down, back and forth over several bridges and across uneven terrain.

Eventually there is a set of large staircases that plunk you down into a gorge beside a cute little waterfall.

The start looks bikeable but this is short-lived (don’t try it)

Directions to Trailhead:

Take Silver Star Rd out of Vernon. Turn on Star Rd and there is a parking area beside a sign and trailhead. It is also possible to skip the walk and just see the waterfalls (this is cheating though). To do this turn off Silver Star Rd onto Tillicum Rd instead and there will be a second parking area beside the falls.

BX waterfall trail
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Vernon to Trailhead: 10km
Return time: 2 hours
Trail Length: 4.5km one way
Elevation gain: negligible
GPS: Not necessary
Easy to Stay on trail: Yes

**Note that a new staircase is being built down to the waterfall area and access is closed until at least 2020. There is an alternate way to the falls at the bottom of the large older staircase (see picture)**

Large older staircase (waterfall access at base of this one)
New staircase (open 2020?)

For a very similar trail, try Mill Creek near the Kelowna Airport.

GPS Download: GPX | KML