Riding family style
All trips seem to end in eating Mike's Burgers
Steve + Amie biking to Prey Veng
Rural village that turns into stilted houses on a lake in the rainy season
Practicing local styleBoat pushing through water plants to cross the riverAmie waiting for a 'village waffle'Steve and Tim on the Kirirom 1 hydropower damAn old bridge in the forest around KiriromParked at a Kirirom viewpointBiking through the Cardamom's around Chi PhatRob, Steve, Christe, Amie, Chris biking around Chi PhatRyan, Daphne, Jocelyn, Dan, Steve, Amie ready to start in Prey VengCambodia is full of small river crossingsCrossing an amazing bridge

One of the best ways to see Cambodia is by bicycle. Cars or buses restrict you to main roads and there is no interaction with the environment. Motorbike is second best but dangerous. Bicycling takes you down small paths, allows you to ford streams and ride is small boats.

In the last few weeks we have done several trips and many more are in planning. First we went with Christie, Chris, and Rob to Chi Phat ecotourism area where we biked in the Cardamom mountains over plains and through jungle with stops at waterfalls for cliff jumping and swimming. Click HERE for route.

Next I went alone with my buddy, Tim, on an ambitious trek from Kirirom to Kampot through the Elephant mountains. Click HERE for route. We eventually ran out of time but spent a couple days on logging roads and camping in the forest (even hearing gunshots at night :0

Our friends Ryan and Daphne moved to Prey Veng city which is 90km by road, 60km by bicycle trail. This route, accessible only in the dry season took us past very remote villages where people use small boats for half the year since the water comes up high on their stilted houses. Click HERE for route.


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