Taking a moment to de-stress
Gosselin's on the breakwater by the Duong Dong lighthouse
This little kid loves the beach
Crawling through Steve's sand masterpiece
Amie catching a wave at Phu Quoc's only roadside attractionSteve and Aya out for a walkNothing's faster than riding the SuperdongAya + Steve at a local coffee jointLife is better with bunny earsStop eating the sand!Discussing prisoner relations with the guardsEnjoying Steve's sand masterpieceHammock restaurant with a view of Kep over the waterAya and Steve digging a sand fortress

With a full week off for Christmas, we just couldn't help ourselves. We had to visit what Cambodians call Koh Tral, an island off the coast of Cambodia that actually belongs to Vietnam. From the beach in Kep (one of our most favourite spots in the Kingdom)

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