Testing out the barrel raft
Frank, Chris, Jacob, Steve, Ravi, Tim - ready for adventure
Kirirom lookout
Kirirom I Hydropower resevoir
Made it off the mountainand then Frank did something amazingDown the Kirirom trailsNever forget the duct tape!Cooking by Moonlight

On our way down Kirirom Mountain we arrived at the hydropower station. The first thing that caught our eye was an old raft made of barrels. This would be a great way to boat around the reservoir. Just to make sure I asked someone living nearby if we could take it out and there didn't seem to be any problem except for the fact that he thought it was too old and the reservoir was full of crocodiles.

Pushing these two things aside we carried the raft to the edge of the water and set it in. Sure enough it sunk right away, much to the enjoyment of the few people that materialized out of the forest to watch and we were simultaneously attacked by a gargantuan water centipede who may have been living in the barrel.


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