Yesterday was our cheapest day yet! $0 we left the city we were in and wanted to go to a national park, so of course we hitchhiked. The people that picked us up seemed to like us a lot for some reason and ended up driving us to random beaches and sites to keep us as long as possible. They bought food for us all day and just kept driving around so we went with the flow. Once in the morning their car broke down and the driver flooded the engine. This guy stopped to help us and did some weird siphening out of this tube to suck the excess gas (important later, keep reading). Sometime in the afternoon, Kevin and I realised that we were starting to get sick. Our stomachs were both upset and we were trying to figure out what we ate. Anyway, in the evening I was really hurting. The people were driving us to the national park that we wanted to go to finally.

I had to throw up so bad but I forced it back until we got to the park gate. I ran out and barfed my guts out on the road. It was so discrete though, that I turned around and no one had noticed (it was dark). They were too concerned with the fact that the car was not starting again. And guess what? It was my turn to siphen the gas. I thought this was a fantastic way to get over my sickness. I was feeling better by now but after we got the car started and my face was burning from gasoline, I started to feel sick again. I ended up throwing up more during the night.

Kevin was sick too. I won't tell you how his body treated the sickness. All I will say is that we are going to do a wash tomorrow. Having said all that, we are feeling much better today (except the normal sleep deprivation). We did a solid 10 hour hike to work off the sickness.


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