China Wall

Directions and Trail Description

Park at the Trout Creek Trestle south of Summerland. It’s a popular location on the KVR trail.

Cross the trestle and cut right along a fence-line and generally just follow trout creek. There are almost too many paths in this area so it is easy to get lost but after around 2.5km leave the paths and head upward and the cliffs are hard to miss. China Wall is opposite the river from the Summerland Golf Club.

Trout Creek Trestle

There is not much elevation gain until around 200m at the end. The whole area of China Wall is relatively dangerous and I wouldn’t bring my kids along. After walking along the top of the wall it is possible to scoot down the south side and walk around the base in order to return back along the base of the wall.

Approaching China Wall from the base
China Wall

Summerland to Trailhead: 10 mins
Trail Return time: 3-4 hours (depends on how much exploration)
Trail Length: 7 km round trip (approx)
Elevation gain: 250m
GPS: Not necessary
Easy to Stay on trail: There are so many trails but generally just follow trout creek. Summerland is never too far away.

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