Of course we got lost - but luckily a wise Cambodian man was able to draw us a map in the sand.
Amie on the ferry that took us to Koh Dach
We ate lunch next door to a weird family who kept at least 10 of their cats in a small cage. We couldn't get a straight answer but I think they were all ganging up on the pet parrots
Paujo and Bri had a few motorbike mishaps. Luckily, Dan has been practicing the typical Cambodian towing system and was ready when the starter went on the motorbike.
Large dolls prancing around for a Buddhist festival.Steve the flag at the end of the naga walkway from Koh Dach to the Mekong.Bri, Paujo and Steve at the end of the road on Koh Dach.  Luckily there was enough of a track that we were able to rough ride until reaching the road on the other side of the island.The brewing storm on the mainland.  About 30 seconds later the drenching rain arrived.  Luckily, we were covered on the ferry again and it cleared up by the time we hopped on our motorbikes on the other side.

Koh Dach is a small island in the middle of the Mekong about 14km away from Phnom Penh. We took off with a few friends on Saturday for whatever adventures we could find. And there were a few! After a ferry ride to the island it is a treat to not have any traffic as compared to the busy highway up to the ferry from Phnom Penh.

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