Last time I updated we were in Corumba on the border of Brazil and Bolivia. Upon arriving to the city we were quickly informed that there were no trains or busses or anything into Bolivia. Supposedly there was a referendum or election or something and all transportation was shut down (as well as all shops and everything). This was really disappointing because this meant we were stuck in Corumba over the weekend. But we weren’t going to let this not prevent us from trying. We got to our hostel and were told the same information.

The next morning we went to an office to get our Brazil exit stamps in our passports. Kevin and I got through fine but when Ryan’s turn came, he didn’t have an important paper needed for the stamp. They told him to come back Monday (in 2 days) and pay for a new paper – another hit. Before walking away, I told Ryan to go again and beg and pay or do whatever it takes. The second time there was a different person at the window and after a little confusion, we were on our way with the required stamps.

We were feeling an extra dose of faith that Saturday morning so we took a bus to the border. We met some people coming back from the bus and train stations – no trains, no buses. We kept going anyway – took a taxi to the bus station. When we got there, a bus was waiting and was heading to Bolivia. We tried to buy a ticket but the all the seats were filled. We asked to go into the aisles but again, no possible way. We were almost defeated but decided to wait until the bus left – to secure our failure. Just before the bus was going to leave, we just walked on and sat in the aisles. No one really cared and so we were off!

So that was the miraculous part of the story. I’m not sure the miracle was worth the bus ride – we had no seats, the aisles were narrow, the distance was 18 hours (supposedly)

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