Wierd metal ball above Dali new city
Relaxing near Dali new city

Kevin and I are done hiking the gorge and since we only have a week in Yunnan we are eager to get to Dali tonight. Otherwise there is no way we are going to be able to visit Dali. We get to the bus station and everything is sold out for the whole evening. We kind of sat around and pouted (prayed lots). Then just as we were about to give up, some guy took pity on us and told us to walk down the street and turn the corner. We did it because we had no other options. 10 minutes later, he brought his private van around the corner and we jumped in with his family. Then we were off to Dali! We spent the whole trip teaching his kids english and I guess that pretty much paid for the trip because he let us off in Dali and that was that!


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