On Dec. 22, 1950 a flight from Vancouver to Penticton crashed on Okanagan Mountain. The pilot and co-pilot were killed because of the crash and the remaining 15 passengers and stewardess survived several chilly days in the wilderness awaiting rescue. There are many more details to the story and it is worth diving in further. For example, here.

Hiking into the crash site

A hike into the crash site is quite the adventure. It requires a substantial amount of bushwhacking and this endeavor continues to get more difficult every year as the underbrush and trees fill in (a fire in 2003 made the journey easier for a time).

Much of the wreckage was removed after the crash for salvage purposes but several large pieces still remain. The main site contains a wing and engine and has been explored by quite a few but rumour has it that the tail section remains undiscovered not terribly far from the main area.

Exploring the crash site