Desert fun at white sand dunes near Mui Ne
Fairy Springs in Mui Ne
Rock stars at the Cham temple near Phan Thiet
Walking up the river in Fairy SpringsDesert sleddingOn the dunesLighthouse in Ke Ga

There is no better way for Canadians who are missing snow than to celebrate the Christmas season by careening headfirst down sand dunes on thin sheets of linoleum.

It was almost like tobogganing – minus the cold feet, plus having to shower off a bazillion sand particles afterward. The sand was even white taking us one step closer to having a white Christmas.

We had a brilliant time doing this and playing other sandy games with Amie's parents and friends, Ryan and Becky, in Mui Ne, Vietnam.

Mom and Dad put us all up at a gorgeous beach resort and we spent a few days catching some rays, adventuring to old temples and villages, exploring red canyons, and of course, frolicking in the sand.

This will definitely go down in history as one of the best Christmas seasons yet.


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