Escaping eel!
Enjoying great food and laughs
Crazy chickens always after food even cooked duck!
Everyone preparing for the feast

It's sad that it has taken so long for us to get invited over to a local house for dinner. We find that people are usually too embarrassed to invite because of their living conditions. This all changed when I convinced a workmate that our standards are pretty low.

It turned out to be great! My work friend's place is half an hour out of town and the menu for the day included lawnmower duck and fresh on tong (eel). Lawnmower duck means hacking up with no intention to separate meat from skin from bone (also must include head, feet and tail – the best parts!). Fresh eel means the eel wiggles around in a pail and occasionally escapes until it is ready to join the rest of its dish. Eels aren't as agile as their reptile cousins in the dirt as we observed. Eels on the loose also cause a great disturbance and confusion to dogs, ducks and other land loving creatures.

Eating outdoors also has its disadvantages as dogs and wild chickens are always starving for your food. The entertainment value makes it all worth it though. At one point in our meal, my buddy grabbed one of the crazy chickens and fed it a little Johnny Walker (whiskey). This apparently had no effect on the chicken at it continued to stealth jump onto the table to cannibalize its fallen mallard cousin.


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