In the mid 1800s, the route through the Fraser Canyon to northern goldfields became known as the Cariboo Wagon Road. As time progressed, the route eventually modernized and a hundred years later became the TransCanada highway. Upgrades to the route left some abandoned gems for explorers with whispers of a not too distant history.

The Alexandra Bridge sits abandoned in a quiet forest along the Fraser River (when trains aren’t going by). It’s a wonderful, almost magical spot to explore. The bridge was in use along the original Cariboo Wagon Road before the road was rerouted over a newer bridge.

Exploring below the Alexandra Bridge

The Kettle Valley Railway entered the Fraser Canyon at the engineering marvel known as Othello Tunnels. Due to a devastating storm in Nov 2021 the tunnels were damaged and closed. This didn’t stop us from biking the KVR route from Hope to take a peek at the current state (apr 2022):

Damaged Othello Tunnels

Back up the Fraser Canyon, the rain started to fall hard so it was time to head into the forest to get lost searching for a strange treehouse:

Trickle Creek Treehouse