Hiking up Vaseux Creek into the canyon

*note that while government websites suggest the Vaseux Protected Area has hiking options, it is surrounded by private property and Osoyoos Indian Band Lands making access difficult*

The Vaseux Protected Area has a number of features that would have interest for the exploring hiker. Gallagher’s Bluff stands out as one of the prominent bluffs in the area (along with McIntyre Bluff and Eagle Bluff). There is also the Vaseux Creek Canyon with its stunning vertical walls. The protected area is of course a great spot to view California Bighorn Sheep.

View into Vaseux Creek Canyon


A government document states that access to the Vaseux Protected Area “Site 1 is accessed from a gravel road and site 2 from the Okanagan Falls Service Road.” This does not provide enough detail and there is no indication on related maps of where these access points lie.

Two other optional access points: 1) Hike up from Gallagher Lake 2) On the Eagle Bluffs hike, skirt around Eagle Bluff on the east side and continue on into Vaseux Protected Area

View from Gallagher Bluff (with McIntyre Bluff in the background)
Canyon overview with Eagle Bluff at the top right and Mt. Keogan in the background
Strange metal structure near Gallagher Bluff