Another favourite car
Amie Cuban Hat
Plaza De La Catedral
The Melecon overlooking Castillio De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro
Basilica San Francisco De AsisTaxi Ride!Secret DoorAcross the river in Casablanca districtCapitolioChocolate restaurant!On the meleconAnother taxi ride!Where Aya belongsPaxten roaming the old cityCannon babyGarbage art wallColourful street cornerWall artOn the MeleconWandering the old city streets

The 500 year old city of Havana is really breathtaking. Especially due to all the resent refurbishing projects, it feels more like a historical European city rather than a Caribbean port. You don't have to stray far to find the wafts of a developing nation though. Some of our highlights included the chocolate restaurant (chocolate milk, hot chocolate, chocolate main course, chocolate desert, stomach ache

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