Victoria Peak lookout
Trams on HK island

So I get to Hong Kong for the first time by my self and I have a few ideas of what to see but the big problem is that it is night and I have nowhere to stay. So after checking out Victoria Peak, I start walking down the hill (by this time it is like 10pm). I am starting to get worried because it is getting late and the hotels I have seen are just too expensive. I just didn’t have any time to go looking around. That is when I spotted the nicest thicket on the side of the mountain. So I just jumped in and curled up. It was actually not bad being one with the animal sounds and tree roots in the back. Not too bad until 2am when there was a torrential downpour. I grabbed my stuff and hiked it down that mountain top speed and took refuge in a bus stop. I curled up on the bench and got hardly any sleep for the whole night. Hmm… I think I will splurge a little bit tomorrow.


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