The Fisherman Falls area north of Grand Forks, BC drew us in for a short waterfall walk but we ended up stumbling on two tunnel adventures which we enjoyed even more than the falls!

Mystery culvert near Fisherman Falls

From Fisherman Falls, detour from the loop trail and follow the river downstream to reach the mystery culvert. Late season is best by far to minimize waterflow (otherwise it might be impossible/dangerous to enter the culvert).

Fisherman Falls (in November – low flow)

Above Fisherman Falls (literally) is the Columbia & Western Railway route which is a fantastic cycling trail from the end of the KVR at Midway to Castlegar. If just exploring the Fisherman Falls area, it isn’t too far just to walk up the C&WR trail to Fisherman Tunnel for additional exploring. Along they way is an old snow shed which used to house an avalanche inspector as part of the railway operations.

Fisherman Tunnel, south entrance