Frosty Mountain is a great hiking day trip in EC Manning Park. A camp just below the treeline also makes for a pleasant overnight to break up the trip. The summit that everyone goes to is actually not the true summit. The true (west) summit does not have a trail and requires some non-trivial scrambling and bushwhacking (to make a nice loop back down to Lightning Lakes).

Frosty Mt. (east and west) Summits

The video here shows what’s it’s like to hike up to the ‘tourist’ summit. This is a bit of a joke because it is not very easy to even get up to this summit for most people. With a bit of weather, it can be downright dangerous.

Just below the treeline and above Frosty Creek Camp, there is a larch forest which would not be special except for the fact at that elevation (2100m), other species of trees can’t survive. Especially just before the snow falls, the entire forest turns a breathtaking yellow.

Frosty camp (just below treeline)