We took the endless bus ride through the Andes again back to Argentina. It took 12 hours for a distance of 350km as the crow flies. It is good to be back in Argentina cause it is much cheaper. Today we were overwhelmed by the amount of street food in this city, Salta. Most of the day was spent walking around eating. We scored the greatest hostel this time. It has an internet cafe in it and a kitchen. The first thing I notice when I looked in the kitchen was the old blender – of course my first thought was fruit shakes!

So for a couple hours tonight, Kevin and I ran all over the place looking for the best ingredients. Aside from the load of fruit, I think the winner was the bags of cheap yogurt. We whipped up a whole load of fruit shake and started to serve it randomly to the people in the internet cafe. They had no idea what was going on and tried to refuse. After a little persuasion we had the whole place holding a glass though. After that, it was back to street food. They had these candy apple things for 8 cents and big plate of fries and toppings for 30 cents… wow.


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