Stop along the sea of Galilee
Roman ruins in Capernaum
Zappori National park near Nazareth
Exploring old aqueduct at Zappori National Park
Entrance to underground waterways at Zappori National ParkFamily with Mt. Tabor behindFinding kids parks in suburban NazarethExploring Roman ruins near CapernaumArwen exploring the ruins in CapernaumFilling water from an uncooperative fountainAya + Arwen by the sea of Galilee

As I write, I'm puffing apple flavoured sheesha, completely chilled out at our guest house. I've also lathered my hands with lotion because, the desert, as it turns out, is not great for post-tropics skin. It is good at preserving antiquity, however, and over the past week we've marveled at history perpetually on display in Jordan. This country is oozing with incredible things to see and I do feel very privileged to be here wandering this ancient land with my sweet little family.

Visiting the ancient Nabataean burial city of Petra was the biggest highlight for me. While we normally groan every morning as the girls wake up at the crack of dawn (their internal clocks are hardwired for 5:30 or 6:00am no matter what we do or how early/late they go to bed)

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