The angry gang
Little angry birds, Cedar + Aya
Cambodian pictionary on the tile floor
Amie's attempt at an angry birds giant cookieDaphne + RyanThe yellow birdAya in the pictionary circlePlaying angry birds

Dear Friends,

Trends come and go.

At their climax, culture dictates we must embrace them in order to climb the social ladder. We expats often think that we are at the forefront of trend-setting but this time our Cambodian brothers and sisters are leaving us in the dust in this global phenomenon. So, let this be the push that gets us out of Lucky Supermarket and into the phsar's so that we can join this fashion tsunami. Two words: Angry Birds.


Friends, lets join together as we look forward to another great year. There's no better way to show our enthusiasm than through a completely revised 2012 edition of Josh Svensson Rules Cambodian Pictionary.


The venue of the decade, Himawari, ended up losing the bid this year to a local favourite known as SteveAmie's rooftop.


Saturday, Jan 14, 7PM

Entrance Fee:

This year's entry fee was waived but any not wearing an Angry Birds t-shirt will be turned away at the door by means of giant slingshot. Of course this is the utmost bare minimum and additional Angry Birds flare and paraphernalia is greatly encouraged.

Other Details:

No meal planned however there will be Angry Birds themed snacks. Feel free to bring other edibles or beverages to complement if you so desire.


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